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And the quality of parenting skills to buy toys for children

Parents know that, in the lives of the children, only the toy is an indispensable playmates toys, will bring a lot ofuseful experience and happiness to them. But if the quality of toys unqualified, not only will not give children bring joy, even cause harm. Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently issued 2014 children's toys quality analysisreport shows, the unqualified products are mainly concentrated in the plush toys, ejection toys, the following is torepeat that the quality of children's toys and purchase.

Sampling survey

Detection involves three major electricity

Toys in general can be divided into electric toys, plastic toys, plush toys, wooden toys, bamboo and other eight categories. This sample were detected mainly from three aspects of mechanical physical properties, combustionperformance and toy migration of certain elements etc.. The mechanical and physical properties of mainly relates to the toy product appearance, structure and design, including the reasonable foreseeable abuse, small parts,tips, edge and projection. When the flame spread velocity should be in serious damage before the combustionperformance is the main consideration toys or material, so that the children can have time to throw down, moved away or leave toys.

Electric toy quality better

From the results of spot checks, plastic toys, electric toys and good quality, qualification rate reached 100%, but the plush toys, ejection toys are there are many quality problems.

The main body of plastic toys made of plastic, there is a common beach toys. Due to the low cost, and safe and lightweight, plastic toys have replaced metal, wood and ceramics, become the major toy manufacturing materials.Electric toy is a mechanical toy driven by a motor, mostly to the battery as an energy source power, also known asbattery toys. At present, electric toys on the market is mainly divided into electric toys, video toys and acousto-optic toy three varieties.

Ejection toys

[results] checks

Only 50% pass rate

Ejection toys are designed or intended for children to below 14 years old play, through the ejection mechanism for storing and releasing energy storage launch projectile ejection toy, and non accumulator ejection toys toy productsemit energy projectile by children give. Ejection toys including ejection pistol, toys, toy dart bow, not includingpressure and pneumatic air gun. From the results of spot checks, the qualified rate of the ejection toy is the worst,the qualified rate of only 50%.

Quality analysis of []

Kinetic energy exceed the standard hidden danger

The unqualified samples in the sample, there are 1 units of product contact surfaces of the kinetic energy of 0.262J/cm2 (standard is not more than 0.16J/cm2), kinetic energy exceed the standard is elastic material used to protect the end of projectile are hard, ejection force exceeds the specified requirements, quality control by notgood, if the child with the ejection toy shooting each other the key parts of the human body, accidentally shot afteris likely to cause harm to human body.

In addition to the 1 paragraph ejection toys torque duration cannot keep 10s, the index is unqualified shows that protection component is connected with the main body strength is low, the actual operation process, protectivecomponent separation after possible bullet wounds operator, separated from the main body after ejection from the predetermined ejection mechanism of emission, it might hurt others. Quality inspection experts remind, now on the market of the ejection toys bright colors, various functions, has great attraction for children, but because thefunctional characteristics of ejection toys ejection, there are often many safe hidden trouble, the parents mustchoose carefully, to prevent harm to children.

Plush toys

[results] checks

The qualified rate is 90.9%

Plush toy is refers to the main fabric designed or intended for children under 14 years old to play, for non electricsoft cloth or plush stuffed toys. Plush toys are basically filler, can generally be divided into plush stuffed toys,stuffed toys, pull the velvet plush toy etc.. The results from the sample, the sample of plush toys a pass rate of 90.9%.

Quality analysis of []

Don't ignore the warning content

The spot checks found unqualified plush toys, there are a product of unqualified project is the marking not in conformity with the standard requirements, the unqualified products not only warning content less than fivenumber in bold font, and unlabeled production enterprise name and address, belong to 3 without the product.Quality inspection experts said, because of not clear warning content items, *****s can't guide the children should pay attention to in the play, is likely to lead to children at play when used improperly, bring potential safety hazard.

Shopping Tips

"Rough" toys don't buy

Consumers in the purchase of toys, often only pay attention to the style and age, often easy to ignore the safety and health performance of toys. Quality inspection experts remind, consumers in the purchase of toys, we must first check whether the product trademark, brand, safety signs, manufacturers of communications address, and pay attention to warning signs on the packaging or warning instructions. Parents should fully understand thewarning in the presence of warning about the improper use of the potential hazards, precautions should be paid attention to in the play of children.

Children age slants little, try not to buy more products detachable parts. Also note the toy surface do not have sharp sharp edges, sharp corners, prominence, rivets and easy to peel off the small parts. Ejection toys are bestbuy rubber sucker bullets, bullet range of less than 10 meters of products, do not buy simulation gun toy.


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