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The distinction between sexes, choose toys for their children for common sense

The release date:2015-02-10

Safe and healthy, happy growth

But according to the age and growth characteristics of baby toys to choose, there are 2 compared to the standard,it is safe, beneficial to the baby's health. Two is the growth, in addition to bring baby happy, but also have a certaingrowth power.

In the purchase of toys before, carefully check whether the smooth toys around, there are no sharp edges, withthe rope will not be too long, for too long the rope wrapped around the baby's neck may have. So the baby willstand up, step forward will walk, I began to choose to stimulate baby's potential development of toys. Such as the character toys, building blocks, tractor, picture books, music CDs, play sand water toys, this can teach baby to know the features and the people around, to teach her to speak, singing and all kinds of action, can understand the characteristics of water, sand, and have fun.

As for the difference between male female toys, toy, I do not care too much, as long as it can let daughter gotdiversified development can. So, I will try to meet the demand of the daughter, hope more toys to inspire hercreativity.

Your toys, I call the shots

Every time to buy a toy for his daughter, always based on their feelings of "suggestions". Said to be "suggestions",is actually put out all sorts of reasons, let the children accept my advice. Because all children have a strong curiosity, let his heart really love or not love, if met, will want to take forcible possession of. For exampleTransformers like "boy toys", daughter of them only three minutes heat. To spend big price to buy the home, mostwill become the ornaments. Instead, give her daughter to buy Bobbi a doll.

Not that I don't know the modern education idea, also not is not respect the views of the child, and do not want tocultivate a mindless child. I just feel as a mother, every hour and moment is not in the observed his daughter.Daughter more attention to what, what kind of toys can exercise the child some aspect ability, I know. So,sometimes I may know more about the needs of children than children, more clearly and know somerepresentation hide the truth than the children themselves. Of course, to prevent children from developing the ability of real things, I will never do.

Cut selected toys

Toys are mostly has two sides, that is, positive effect and negative effect. So, we should learn from the "tailor" the truth, according to the toy itself functions, combined with the character their own baby, with enthusiasm to make up for the lack of baby toys. Such as building blocks, puzzles, beads and other toys, can let the children become very quiet, suitable for the cultivation of children's attention. But if the baby character was a bit introverted, don't love sport, it should avoid buying these toys, or limit this kind of toy play time, let your baby more contact with the outside world.

Now the baby is never short of toys, but too many toys and not be good for the baby, it will cause the child inattention, love and other bad habits, so that the baby doesn't know how to cherish and thanksgiving. So, even if the baby has a lot of toys, also not a time to get all of them. Let him enjoy every kind of fun toys, and explore moregameplay from.

All the fun toys

Play, is the nature of the child. All children like toys, every child play. As for what kind of toys to play, is the child's interest, is the knowledge discovery process to understand the things children. As long as the health of theparents, no need to intervene. Children in the future disposition, the key depends on the correct guidance ofparents, not too big relations and play what types of toys.

In the selection of toys, our home, car, like balls or gun Ultraman, Sun Wukong like hard things, have a sense of justice, which is the boy's nature. As long as I have a little advice, good, do not buy some violent, shoddy toys on the line.

In short, in the election of what types of toys on the problem, parents and don't care too much. Relatively speaking, respect the child's choice, to accompany the child to play together, rather than on the selection of what kind of toy is more important!

The mother with the female, while playing with

The competition of modern society, and insist on fostering a weep Fadia at any time of the little girl, as well as her personality. As long as children are willing to, the boy can play Bobbi, the girl still carry a gun.

Buy toys for her daughter, the first thing I respect her wishes. Since she didn't like dolls, it is not necessary to nonlet her go "lady route". The girl likes to begin, to buy her need to assemble their own track toy. Secondly, I compare the heavy meaning need DIY toys, this and daughter hobby agree without prior without previous consultation. Our family toys two batches, serious damage, basically are relatives and friends to send, in accordance with the standard of "female girl bought toys", remains largely intact, is I follow her hobby buying habits, regardless of *** toys.

Make toys turn material resources to good account

In the purchase of toys, my first priority is safety, intelligent and beautiful, so as to make toys turn material resources to good account, and the basic will not consider gender factors.

In addition, I pay more attention to cultivate the ability of self selected toys daughter, so a better understanding ofher growth. Help the toy and develop some on a child's character, I also consider the purchase, such as a doll's house, it can cultivate children with the same

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