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Substandard quality toys, health hazards to children.

The release date:2015-02-10

A lot of kids toys do not buy crying to see, discount of parents is very difficult, in a public occasion under, and can not be beaten, only to let others see the joke. Toys are children's intimate partner, the quality of toys unqualified,will endanger children's health and safety. It is understood, plasticizer phthalate acid esters in exceed the standardtwo toys, may lead to precocious puberty, liver and kidney damage, and even carcinogenic. In addition to this invisible plasticizer hazards, 3 without the product, the label is not clear, no safety warning toys are still flooding the market, against the children's health. JINGWAH Times reporter Xia Wen

Plastic toys little annotation plasticizer

It is understood, at present the toy safety technical specification of our country, also not for phthalic acid esters dotwo of total content restrictions. But the domestic toy enterprises, especially enterprises export toy is based on the provisions of the eu. The European Union stipulates that all products plasticizer phthalate acid esters in total twoagent content must be less than or equal to 0.1%. Quality inspection administration, the national standards committee also issued 4 safety of toys mandatory national standards, the new standard will dibutyl phthalate(DBP) and other 6 kinds of plasticizers listed as restricted substance. But the public information display, the new standard will have to wait until January 1, 2016 to begin the implementation of the plan.

If plastic toys plasticizer in exceed the standard, meet hot water, plasticizer will be released, serious can affect a child's * * system. If the substance in the body for a long time deposition, and may cause liver, kidney damage,and even have a certain carcinogenic. In addition to direct contact with plasticizer will affect the child, if pregnantmother contact, also can have a long-term effect. Li Guangrui told reporters, in pregnant women, if excessive intake of the plasticizer, can cause pregnant baby * * system development problems; the little girl will appear early breast development, ***ual precocity etc..

The three products are still flooding the market

The toy shop near the school basically is a small store, the sale of children's toys, the price is not high, but many are no production date, quality certificate and manufacturers of the "three noes" of products. Specialized in the sale of children's toys, children's snack shop. The reporters found that many toy store sales are simple packaging,the price from a few dollars to tens of dollars range. Pick up a marked as "strange toys, toys" found its packaginghas a layer of dust, but no marked packaging manufacturer, has not seen the quality qualified symbol.

Like "three noes" toys and many, section which can develop children's intelligence plasticine only simple plastic bag packaging, packaging also does not have any relevant manufacturer, production date and quality certificate and other information. A write "magical balloon" small toys, open the package have a pungent taste. The bosscalled "plastic thing has such a smell, very normal". And the other a plush toy no packaging, specificmanufacturers information is unable to check.

We checked the store thirty or forty kinds of toys, found that only four or five toys manufacturers, componentlabeling information. These three toys without any commodity information in addition to the name of the commodity, some printed English description, but also does not have the quality certificate. These toys areunknown. If you ask the boss these toys is where production, the boss said are purchasing from the wholesale market, as manufacturers, they don't know where to.

Part of the toy no safety warning

If it is found that the toys without these signs, will be prudent to buy. It is understood, "parts easy to fall" ranked in the first children's toy safety hidden trouble existing at present. Small parts of toys on the easy off, easy to bechildren, especially three years old of the following baby swallowing and cause suffocation.

In addition, there are security risks of children's toys include chemical or heavy metal exceed the standard andplush toys filler unsanitary surface or. Fluorescence on the market stick, paint containing building blocks such asbenzene, methyl formate may contain two or two lead, a child played not washing your hands to eat, easy to take these toxic substances, eat into the body; part surface or filling plush toys without health, some plush toys without any packaging, let customers casually pinch touch, easy to bacterial retention on the surface; filling if fibrousindustrial waste, medical waste, recycled fibrous material such as fibrous does not conform to the national standards of "black heart cotton", it will cause a serious health hazard, often contact the health of plush toys,children will appear eczema and asthma.

Buy toys look for the 3C logo

For children, the game is their work, the toy is their friend, so, choose a good toy is very important. Many parentsthink that children's toys to play time is not long, therefore likes to buy small commodities market, cheap, variable.But if there is no national certification 3C logo, parents don't buy. Because of these toys is likely to hurt the child'skiller. Select toys first to see whether the national product safety certification mark (3C certification), the best choice of famous brand.

When the choose and buy also carefully check whether reliable components. Toy doll button, animal eyes, fixed on the toy car accessories and other non removable small parts, parents should pay special attention to the place,to buy time to try to pull a few hands, see if there are loose. Buy plastic toys, attention should be paid to the flash,and pay attention to the selection of thicker

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