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Toys are easily endanger the child's life.

The release date:2015-02-10

About these problems, parents really thoroughly understand? The so-called toys, is also very easy to endangerlife safety Oh children, for parents to you, in the end how to choose a good toy for children, whether you are for children and worry? The toy is every child's love. Especially during the holidays, children will receive all kinds ofrelatives and friends sent gifts. At this time, parents do not blindly happy, while ignoring the safety of toys. To choose suitable for children ages toys, but also to carefully read the instructions and disassembled easily harm tosmall parts of toys the child safety.

1 for

To choose suitable for ages, abilities, skills and interests of toys to the children. Too advanced toys will cause asafety hazard to children.

2 asphyxia

Children below 3 years old is very easy to have the risk of suffocation. Generally speaking, those small enough tohide in the toilet paper box in toy, which has the highest risk. Don't try to choose the toy, but to choose the bigger,and it can remove part of little toy. In this age of the baby is very naughty, button, a pull rope and a button is easy to pull these things, baby. Parents when choosing toys, special attention should be paid on the toy manufacturersindicate asphyxia and the applicability of the information age.

3 packaging

Because the child won't open the package, so often the packaging torn up, and thrown all over the place, this is very dangerous. Small paper clips and tie will cause the child throat obstruction, and large plastic bags will cause asphyxia. More than 8-12 inch and packing tape jumper may be wrapped the child's neck, causing suffocation.Therefore, all the packages should be immediately lost.

4 description

When children get a gift, take some time to carefully read the instructions, so that they can be aware of somepotential danger. If there is no advance check and let the kids play, will cause some danger of being ignored.

5 battery

In swallowing a button battery or magnet, the child will appear the stomach and intestinal problems is very serious,and even the emergence of death. In addition to button batteries in toys, there will be a button battery in some music card, mobile remote control, hearing aids and other small electronic products. Keep the children away fromthe button battery, and once the child swallowed it, go see a doctor immediately.

6 balloons

A latex balloon was also listed as one of the children can cause asphyxiation and blocking high risk items. USAAcademy of Pediatrics suggest not to let the children under the age of 8 playing with balloons.

7 rope

Before the toys for the children, to get rid of toys on the rope or webbing. In addition, beware of 12 inch long pull toy. The toy may take baby wrapped.

8 finishing

Before the children accept holiday gifts, to take the time to sort of children have toys. So, after the arrival of the new gift, you can put the gifts in the right position. This can not only let the misplacing of toys can be arranged in good order, but also harm to the children resulted in the decrease of electronic gadgets.

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