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Alert: how to keep children away from the toxic toys

The release date:2015-02-10

Toxic toys: should disappear of lead

The United States Georgia family doctor George Shannon said that parents should pay attention to lead paint,ensure child safety. The new provisions of the consumer product safety commission to help further reduce thelead in toys, especially the limit of lead content standards. The new law requires American toy manufacturers and importers to ensure that the lead content of toys comply with the standard strict. But be careful of second-handgoods store sales and consignment store, because they don't need to be so strict. For the pigment off toys in order to ensure the safety of the best or throw away.

Lead poisoning symptoms are: nausea, vomiting, be sleepy straws., cachexia, weight growth stagnation and poor appetite. The symptoms may last for several weeks or even months. If you want to take the children's pediatrician,bring you think of lead in toys.

Toxic toys: plastic products

Bisphenol A is a chemical used in the production of many plastic products in the process, it has become the object of people worried about, which the government carried out an investigation on children's toys and baby bottles.For this material will have a negative impact on the growth of infants has been debated. The U. S. Food and DrugAdministration said that the regulation of bisphenol A are safe. However, all this is still more research is needed toconfirm.

The adjacent benzene two formate is another kind of chemical substances to we turn on a red light, usually made of polyethylene plastic toys may contain the substance.

Safety of toys: flame retardant agent and insecticide

The U. S. environmental protection agency is currently on the flame retardant were investigated, because it was suspected to have toxic effects on the human body. In fact, many toys in flame retardant can artificial removal,such as plush toys can be removed by repeated washing of flame retardant.

Pesticides can also generate threat to children. Although we know that the insecticide can decompose quickly, but in the plush toys spray drying, or there will be residual. Research on children's environmental health suggestedcan use standard pesticide alternatives, such as organic pesticides and low toxicity pesticides, can use theinsecticidal soap and keep the courtyard clean to improve safety.

To ensure that children from toxic toys, parents should keep alert and have certain knowledge. Pay close attention to toy safety will they let you more peace of mind.

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  • Add: NO.86, Lane 2511, Husong Road, Songjiang District ,Shanghai ,China
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手机号码:086 18717738240
电话号码:086 21 60827269
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