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Parents need to understand, let the child have the advantages of an imaginary playmate

The release date:2015-02-10

No longer lonely

Now many families are only a child, as the only child, there is always a period of time is very lonely, and imaginary playmate filled with children's lives. The interaction between children and friends fiction, but also has social directivity, imaginary playmate gives a child the opportunity to develop their social skills. Imaginary friends will make the child feel comfortable, similarly, when children face real friends, better able to get along with, his social skills development.

Expand the creativity and imagination.

Imaginary playmates to provide children a chance to expand and explore their creativity and imagination, because no one give children limit, no one to help children to imagine or create the scene. With imaginary friends "help", children can imagine yourself flying in the air, swim in the sea, on land, driving a car...... In these to create their own game, the children will learn how to think, how to creative performance scene.

The development of social skills

Many children are very shy, even in the face of the other children of the same age. While the imaginary playmates can let the children become more active, because young children back and his imaginary friend dialogue, he will say "your little princess Is it right? Hungry", "I'm going to take you out to play please". Playmates interactive children and their imagination, can develop social skills, it helps the children in the real world and human interaction.


Between friends and children fiction game ability to the development of children. For example, the child will play the role of a princess in a castle, the astronauts in space, the manager of the zoo, and even take care of the baby's mother, in these situations, the child will come very naturally gives her a kind of power.

In these children imagine, he may issue orders left and right, to decide what happens next, give yourself a chance to play a major role in action. One or a plurality of imaginary playmates to help children to complete the "plan" or help children play different roles. In these scenes cosplay, let the children on their own ability to have more confidence oh.

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  • Add: NO.86, Lane 2511, Husong Road, Songjiang District ,Shanghai ,China
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手机号码:086 18717738240
电话号码:086 21 60827269
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