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Good for the parents and child's play 4 '' strategy

1 fun

Play and help build trust, respect, understanding and future education and discipline foundation. Play while we don't need to stoop or coercion to simulate realistic scenarios, learning the correct values and skills, to learn what to do and what not to do. Play provides a teach children to causality, rules and the right way of opportunities for us.

2 opportunities exist

Play promote creativity, help to build up an ideal, let the target driving behavior. Imaginative game opened thedoor to the world choices and opportunities for children, even if the whole world to them say "impossible", they willhave the courage to face the challenge, chase your dreams.

3 to establish a good relationship

Of course, play fun, when we are happy, we are closer to the distance between each other. Children need to know that you have been in the care of them, and know what is in their own interest.

4 children and their needs

Play is the way to deeply understand the children, watching them play or added to their play, you will be startled atabout their performance. We can see a lot of things to be hardly worthy of belief, what makes them tread, and what made them worried. They are very difficult to translate into the language of emotion, behavior and some whim into play. If we take a few minutes to join them in this singular in the communication, we will discover a newway with their communication, this is never thought of our.

In addition, play therapy is a kind of effect to improve children's ability to express significant treatment. It helpschildren to deal with and solve problems. Parents only need to spend a little time and the children play togetherthere could prevent some problems. The play is a universal language, we talk to the expression of love, kindness and understanding. When we really into it, everything will be different.


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  • Add: NO.86, Lane 2511, Husong Road, Songjiang District ,Shanghai ,China
  • Tel:086 21 60827269
  • Mail:sales@junwogifts.com
手机号码:086 18717738240
电话号码:086 21 60827269
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